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It really looks great and the content is SUPER! Lots of "good to know" stuff....I really appreciate the work you are doing!

Donna, Beauty Consultant

Your professionalism speaks volumes. Thank you again! This is a wonderful Newsletter that ANYONE should feel honored to receive!!!! I love the way that you showcase our products, opportunity and company.

Carol, Sales Director

As always you outdid yourself with the newsletter. I humbly thank you. It certainly makes my relationship with my clients easier to maintain. (a definite business plus).

Brenda, Manager

Thank you! Looks perfect. Last month 2 of my clients actually called JUST to tell me they loved getting the newsletter! I have been sending it only to clients, but decided this month to send it to my team members AND to potential clients too. I really appreciate you!

Beth, Builder


When you contact your circle of influence, are you always “selling” them on your product or service, or are you also building a relationship with value?

Your customers are like YOU juggling family, job, home, health, faith, money and a thousand other things in the same 24 hours.  YES – we want them to know what your business is – but we also want to add value to their life! We want them to POUNCE on the mail – not to dread opening another catalog or sales pitch!

Keeping yourself at the forefront of your target market’s mind can be challenging  in this competitive world, but Keeping Clients Close can help!  We have created Cuppa Tea, a four-page customized enrichment newsletter that will delight your customers, contacts, friends, family, and referral sources.

These monthly newsletters help you TOUCH lives in a non-threatening and non-selling way, while giving you top-of-mind awareness.  We know this is no easy task in this information age!

Each Cuppa Tea newsletter can be personalized with your photo, business name, contact information, and even a brief message about any reason clients should call you that month.

If a newsletter isn't entertaining, engaging or evoking emotion, the reader won’t pay attention. Like the parlor or cozy nook in your home, your newsletter needs warmth and friendliness to make a great impression.

Cuppa Tea is designed for this specific purpose.   Like a comfy kitchen window seat, breakfast bar or the spot where neighbors gather and share stories of friendship, home, family and life, this newsletter is where you tell a joke or share one of your favorite recipes, perfect for the season.

So, curl up and relax let Cuppa Tea help you forge those strong relationships with this hard-working, approachable newsletter that sells YOU everytime.


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